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Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School

To be the best you can be:for God, for others and for ourselves


Our Eco-Councillors will be very busy with Mrs Hill this year, undertaking projects around the school and beyond. They are:


Year 6    Jodie & Roksana

Year 5    Evelina & Josh

Year 4    Rosie & Natan

Year 3    Vilius & Cora


Eco Council will aim to have a meeting each week lunchtime in the school library. 


In Eco Council Club, children will be continuing with the eco projects around school, such as emptying the paper bins into the recycling, and checking that classes are saving energy by turning off lights and computers when not in use. 

Eco-Councillors will also learn about current topics such as Waste Week, Earth Day and The Big Pedal.