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Dinner Money Payment Update

Please read contents of letter sent home TODAY about collection of dinner money and non-payments.


Dear Parents and Carers


School Dinner Money Payment, Arrangements and Arrears


I am writing to remind all parents and carers who purchase school meals of the need for prompt and

regular payment.


I would like to remind you therefore that:

  • School dinners to be paid for in advance please, weekly on a Monday. Alternatively you may pay for any multiples of weeks in advance – eg half termly or termly. The price remains at £2.00 per meal or £10.00 per week.
  • Any credit at the end of the week will be carried forward to the next week unless change is requested).
  • I appreciate that there will be times when payment may be overlooked inadvertently or that an ‘emergency’ meal may be required on a one off occasion and a short reminder will be sent out in the first instance. We will however support only 5 outstanding meal payments at most per child. At this point a reminder letter will be sent via your child and by email if you use it. If payment is not received on the next school day you will be contacted by telephone to provide a packed lunch until the amount outstanding is settled in full. This is in line with many primary school and will avoid unmanageable arrears accumulating.
  • As a parent it is your responsibility to provide your child with a midday meal (unless entitled to free school meals). If you do not wish to pay for a school dinner, then there is the option of sending your child with a packed lunch.


If you think you may be entitled to receive free school meals please contact the School Office.


Thank you to those families who pay regularly and promptly, it is very much appreciated.



Yours sincerely


Sue Mawdsley

Head teacher