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World Book Day March 2020

Reception enjoyed coming to school dressed up as our favourite book characters.  We tried our best to catch the Gingerbread Man but he kept running away!

Skipping Workshop

Reception enjoyed taking part in the skipping workshop.  

Keeping Safe

Chris and Tony (local PSCO) came to talk to Reception about keeping safe when we are out and about.  We talked about keeping safe when we cross the roads and what to do if we get lost.  The children had lots of questions to ask! 

Funky Glasses Fundraiser (Feb 2020)

We wore funky glasses to help raise money for the Mafan Trust.

Jan 2020

The Reception children have enjoyed reading different stories from the Bible.  One of our favourite stories is 'Noah's Ark'.  The children used the new outdoor play blocks to build an ark.

Jan 2020

Chinese New Year

The Reception Class had fun finding out about Chinese New Year.  This year is the 'Year of the Rat' and we have been celebrating by making dancing dragons and hats.  We also had a go at using chopsticks.

Chinese New Year (Jan 2020)

Dinosaurs Jan 2020

In Reception we have been finding out about dinosaurs.  We found a dinosaur egg in the playground and we are waiting to find out which dinosaur is inside the egg!  We have read lots of stories about dinosaurs and we have even made up a dinosaur dance that we enjoy performing, especially at the end when we are a scary T-Rex.

Dinosaurs (Jan 2020)

Delivery!  Jan 2020

We are very excited in Reception to have a new delivery of building blocks in our outdoor area.  We had great fun unpacking the big boxes and we are exploring how the pieces can fit together in different ways.  We even had a good time with the boxes that the delivery came in!

Delivery (Jan 2020)

Diddidance (Nov 2019)

Reception had a great time with Becca from Diddidance this half term.  We did 'Rock N Roll' , 'Ballroom' and 'Hip Hop' dancing.


Diddidance (Nov 2019)

Exploring Outdoor Water Play (Oct 2019)