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Remote Learning

Accessing Google Classroom


We have set up Google Classroom for every child so that they will have access to work at home in the case where your household should need to self-isolate. Google Classroom can be accessed on most devices that have an internet connection but if you are unable to use Google Classroom please contact school and physical work can be provided for you.


The following information is instructions on how to log on at home:


  1. Go to - you may need to do this in an 'incognito' browser if you are logged in with your personal google account.
  2. Click 'Go To Classroom' - this should open the Sign in Page
  3.  Enter your child's Google Classroom Email - you can get this from your class teacher or the office. It should be an email ending in ''
  4. Enter your child's Google Classroom Password - you can get this from your class teacher or the office. Until it is changed it should be an 8-digit code including numbers and letters.
  5. This should lead you to your child's personal Classroom Dashboard.
  6. Click in to their class - this should open another dashboard that includes 'Stream', 'Classwork' and 'People'
  7. Click into the 'Classwork' Tab - This page will contain all of the work assigned to your child with a message explaining what to do with the work.


If you struggle with any of these steps please do not hesitate to contact the school office or your class teacher and we can try to walk you through the steps. 

Support resources from the EEF


To help support home learning and maximise the impact of work set, the EEF has produced some initial planning and reflection tools, below.