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School Clubs

The timetable below outlines the clubs that are timetabled for the first half of the Autumn term, together with the member of staff responsible for the club. Children receive invitations for most clubs and parents are usually asked to respond to invitations to clubs that are running outside the normal school day. It is intended that all children will attend a club/s at some point during the year. Most clubs contribute credits towards the Children's University.

Autumn Term (First half) Clubs 2017

Morning / Lunchtime








8.45 School Council (Mrs Mawdsley/Mrs Rankin)


Helping Hands Y6

(Mrs Tudor)


Junior Ballet  

(Ms Starling)


Lunch - Chess Club (Y6) - Mrs Mawdsley








8.00am Wake-Up & Shake-Up Club (Infants & Juniors) Mr Shacklady


12noon High Five (External Coach) Cage -Mr Ogden





After School







Performing Arts Juniors

(Mrs Harris)


Maths Club Y1 

(Ms Siqueira)


Brighter Living Family Cooking Club - All Year Groups (Ms Starling)


Cross Stitch KS2 (Mrs Owers)




















































































































































Active Soccer Y3/4 Dodgeball & Basketball (Hall) Ms Connor


British Sign language Club KS2 (Mrs Owers/Mrs Hannah)


Y1 Phonics Club (Ms Starling)























































































































































Infant Ballet (Hall)

(Miss Starling)


Football (Y5/6)

(Mr Shacklady/Mr Ibison) Junior Yard




Violin Y5 (Y4 Classroom) Mrs Hitchen


Junior Eco-Council (Y2 Classroom) - Mrs Babcock) 4th,11th 18th October only














































































































































Fencing  Y4/5/6

(Miss Connor) Hall


Clarinet KS2 

(Y4 Classroom) - Mrs Harris)






























































































































































Board Games Club

(Infants - Mrs Mawdsley)


Netball (Y4/5/6) - Miss Connor/Miss Hale


Little Lifesavers (Y1/2) Miss Hale/Miss Connor


























































































































































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