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Attendance & Punctuality



We want all our children to do their very best in school and to make the most progress possible in the time they have with us. We know that any absence will affect your child’s learning and that regular absence has a more serious impact. 


We monitor attendance closely which is why your child should only be absent from school if the reason is ‘unavoidable’. The school decides on whether any absence (each half-day) is authorised or unauthorised and we ask parents to tell us the reason for any absence. There must be a good reason why your child is at home, such as illness or a medical appointment.


Holidays in term time affects schooling as much as any other absence but if there is an unavoidable reason why you need to take your child away in school time, you must fill in a Request for Absence in Exceptional Circumstances form which must be submitted in good time.


If your child is absent from school due to illness, you must contact the school by telephone or email before 9.30am.


For more information please read our leaflet, ‘In School On Time’.




Punctuality is recognised as an important part of a successful working life. Setting an early good example establishes a routine which your child will be able to follow on their own when they are older. (See school day times)


It is not acceptable for children to arrive late to school as they may miss an important start of a lesson, may disrupt a lesson or they may feel embarrassed.

Children will receive a late mark if they arrive after the register has been taken, after 9.20am is classed as an unauthorised absence. Our Learning Mentor is at the school gates to meet children and parents who are late and may become more involved to resolve the problem.

The Headteacher or Education Welfare Officer would become involved for a persistent late record.


Learning Mentor Section


If you are having any problems with getting your child to school or with lateness phone Mrs Rankin our Learning Mentor directly on 07973 457 736. She is also available to speak to at the beginning of each day on the Junior playground and school gates.