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Picture News

Picture News - Learning from the world around us


Picture News is our resource for collective worship once a week in KS1 and KS2. It gives the opportunity for children to learn about themselves and the world we live in as well as developing respect for other’s beliefs, feelings and faiths. It encourages exploration, discussion and challenge through a current news story and thought-provoking questions. We believe it brings the world closer to children’s everyday lives.


Picture News links to a Christian value, and to our Big Frieze, as well as relevant Bible stories and verses, talk time, reflection and prayers. We also discuss the link to our British values and UN Rights of a Child.

Picture News in EYFS


Reception have collective worship in class using the Picture News Early Years resources once a week. They use the poster and key question as a stimulus to take part in a weekly speaking and listening activity whilst introducing new vocabulary. Children learn from the news and are encouraged to share their ideas, thoughts and feelings, giving opportunities to develop confidence. Children learn to respect others as they develop an awareness that we are all different and have different responses.

Picture News At Home


‘Picture News at Home’ is a resource children can take home to use as a stimulus for further discussion and challenge with their parents and families. It provides opportunity for children to have a voice and encourages them to show their thoughts, feelings and opinions on current affairs that impact them.