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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


Your teachers this year will be: Mrs Morrell and Mrs Babcock (Tuesday and Thursday afternoons).

The class teaching assistants are Mrs Tudor and Mrs McVey (Wednesday afternoon).



English - will be a written task in the homework book provided. It will be set on Friday and due in the following Thursday.


Maths- will be a written task in the homework book provided and a mymaths online task. It will be set on Friday and due in the following Thursday. 


Spellings - these are given out on a Monday and tested on Friday.


Reading- we would like you to encourage your child to read as often as possible at home and would recommend 20-30 minutes every day. Your child will be given a reading scheme book and a library book to take home - please ensure that these are in school every day. 

We have also set up a login for your child on the following websites:

Epic - this site gives free access (for up to two hours a week) to a wide range of books, including audio books.

Read Theory - this site gives children the opportunity to practise their reading comprehension skills. 


The passwords and login details for these sites are inside the children's home/school diary. Please ask a member of the Y6 staff if you need these.


Please speak to Mrs Morrell if there are any problems with homework.  Children will always be offered help at lunchtimes if they are having difficulties and we have computers available in the classroom if you are having trouble accessing the internet.   We expect homework to be completed each week.


Curriculum - Autumn 1


We will be reading the texts Pig Heart Boy by Malorie Blackman and The Man Who Walked Between The Towers by Mordicai Gerstein.  We will also be covering the following genres - diaries, newspaper reports (journalistic writing) and unbalanced arguments. 


Maths -

We willl be completing the following units of work: Place Value, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division calculation methods, Fractions and Geometry - position and direction.  These units will include revision from Y5.


Science -

Human Body- Systems. In this unit, the children will be learning about the human circulatory and digestive systems, the impact of diet, exercise, drugs and lifestyle on the way their bodies function and the ways in which nutrients and water are transported within animals, including humans. They will also be researching the work of William Harvey.



Life as a Journey and Pilgrimage.  In these units, the children will be given an opportunity to think about the idea that life is a journey and what it means to make that journey as a Christian. They will also be given the opportunity to think about the concept of undertaking a religious pilgrimage. 



Spatial Sense. In this unit, the children will be learning about the Arctic and Antarctic circles and their climates, about how Prime Meridian is used to divide the world into 24 time zones to match the 24 hour cycle of the Earth's rotation on its axes and investigate projection maps. 


Computing -

Online Safety- the children will be identifying the benefits and risks of the internet and social media. 

They will also be completing a unit on Coding using Purple Mash. 


Music -  

HappyIn this unit, listening and appraising songs of the Pop/Neo Soul genre.  They will complete improvisation and composition activities and finally will perform song accompanied with instruments and singing. 


French-  A specialist teacher will be teaching Y6 French once a week. 


PE -

Tuesday -  Tag Rugby

Friday - Handball


PSHE -  

GANGS - Living in the Wider World.   This half term, the children will be completing five workshops with James Riley from GANGS (Get Away 'N' Stay Safe).  These workshops help the children to understand that their increasing independence brings increased responsibilities to keep themselves and others safe. They will also be taught to recognise peer pressure and learn a variety of strategies to resist it and they will be able to describe some of the consequences of anti-social and aggressive behaviours. 


Important Dates for this year


Week beginning 14th September - GANGS workshops every day from 9am. 


Week beginning 10th May - SATs week (see Meet the Teacher power point below for timetable) 


Meet the Teacher information 2020-21