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Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School

To be the best you can be:for God, for others and for ourselves


At Holy Trinity Primary School, we emphasise the importance of developing our children spiritually in the Christian faith, as well as exploring other faiths. We give opportunities to do this through:


  • High quality Religious Education lessons 
  • Daily Collective Worship
  • Weekly hymn practise
  • Collective Worship Council
  • Class trips to places of worship
  • Praise Assembly in Holy Trinity Church
  • Lessons with Father Tom (Such as learning about baptism and art work in church)
  • Celebrating big events in the Christian calendar, such as Harvest, Christmas and Easter as a whole school
  • Creating and using prayer spaces in our classrooms
  • Reflective tasks on our school Christian values
  • Visits from Southport Area Schools Worker Trust to interact with Bible stories